In the Beginning, Remington created the 223.

Well it was after 222.

So I woke up one day and decided, wouldn’t it be cool to have a site dedicated to my favorite caliber of bullet?

The .223 also known as the 5.56 x45 (NATO).

It is my intention to build a community of shooters who enjoy shooting with 223, whether you like Sako, Winchester, Weatherby, Remington, Ruger, Tikka or any other brand I haven’t mentioned there is a 223 out there for you.

It’s a versatile round and it’s a great day shooting it.  I hope you will join us in making the Caliber 223 website the biggest resource in the world on 223.

In the coming months we will research, present, find and salute all that this awesome ammo has to offer.

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